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Plant FAQ in Forest, VA




When do I prune the plants in my landscape?


What zone are we in?

We are considered zone 6B to 7 with variations throughout the state. See Zone Map.
Map — Planting in Forest, VA

Can I plant year round?

You can plant year round unless the ground is frozen. There are a few plants that do better when planted in Spring. Some of those listed as zone 7 tend to have a better survival rate if they go into the Winter with a somewhat established root system. Beautiful gardens have flourished in Virginia for over 400 years. We live in a wonderful state for gardening with almost 4 seasons.

How often do I have to water my plants?

A general rule of thumb is that plants need at least an inch of water a week to survive. Some plants however need more to flourish. Newly planted trees and shrubs, annuals and perennials should be watered in well when planted ~ this initial soaking is critical and should NEVER be skipped. Regular deep watering during the first growing season helps plants to establish deep and extensive root systems.

Does Rainfrost offer design and installation?

We do offer design and installation by appointment. With over 30 years experience in the business we know what plants work well in this area.

What should I fertilize with?

We use, recommend and sell OSMOCOTE brand slow release fertilizer.

Do you carry plants that the deer won't eat?

Deer are creatures of habit and whether they will target a particular plant or plants depends largely on previous feeding habits as well as the availability of other food sources. Our many years experience in landscaping has led us to believe that there are certain plants that deer do not favor. We do not consider these plants to be deer proof ~ only deer resistant. Some of the plants we stock that we consider deer resistant are : boxwood, loropetalum, Japanese plum yew, sarcococca, daphne, pieris japonica, caryopteris, buddleia, heath, elaeagnus, peony, some varieties of nandina, some varieties of spiraea, green giant arborvitae, mahonia and most herbs.

Do I need to mulch my plant?

We believe in the power of mulch... it helps to retain moisture, blocks weed growth and adds that clean and finished look to your landscape. Our double shredded hardwood mulch is always available for pick up or delivery.

Do you deliver?

We do deliver. Delivery fees are based on the size of the load to be delivered and the distance we travel. Give us a call.

Do you offer gift certificates?

We do. Our gift certificates are available in any dollar amount. They make an excellent gift for all the gardeners on your shopping list.

When do you close for the year?

We don't close. We are open year round with the exception of the week following Christmas.

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